Affiliates or Partners

This is a list of affiliates and partners to the site.

GaTan Productions

Voiced by gaticaeitan(yesi-chan) CamilaMelodia

Personality: Being 20 years old she is mature, and composed.  She is able to sing Japanese, English and Spanish.

She is affiliated with UTAU-dreams but licensed under GaTan Productions. 

Item: none



Rikai Rippa

Personality:  She is proud and stubborn but very shy.  She finds it hard to trust others at first.  She also, after making a friend, clings to them.  She is also very easily discouraged, getting upset when she gets something wrong.  She looks up to Zuii Takoe and Camila Melodia as her "idols" but is nervous to talk to them.

Languages That she can sing: Japanese and English

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110lb

 Item: Cherry




Siena Kotone


Personality: Siena Kotone is a 15 year old UTAU. She is a spunky,happy, loves to talk random and is over protective of her twin brother Danilo. She is able to sing Japanese, English and Spanish.

Danilo Kotone is Siena's twin brother. His attitude is more quiet and shy than Siena. He is Siena's genderbender at g+15.

Item: Nachos (XD lol)