UD Show Log

**The UD show is still being continued, just not at the moment. :)

Episode 1 - "The Solution"

 In two parts, Jouku is too lazy to put on all of her clothes and accessories, so she goes to Maki for help. Maki suggests strawberries, but when they arrive, will Maki take them for herself?


Episode 2 - "New Member

 There's a new member joining UTAU-Dreams, her name is Su Bakade. Chuushin's breath is taken away and her heart is stolen when she hears the voice of this new angel...


Episode 3 -"Bunni"

 Krisa is enjoying herself when she notices Maki has stolen her violin... WHAT WILL SHE DO NEXT?! WILL MAKI MAKE IT OUT ALIVE?!


Episode 4 - "Hair"

 Chuushin walks by Aya one day and notices her hair.


Episode 5 - "GAH NO"

 The boys are peacefully watching TV [a show that doesn't belong to me] and Haru comes home with a box. What's inside?